first weigh-in for february

As I was weighing in, the lady at weight watchers looked at me past her computer screen and asked if I had a good week, I said yes I believe I did. She said “I can tell you lost 4 pounds”. I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it. I knew I lost maybe 3, but was not expecting 4. Which brings my total to 6lbs loss since I started. I think using two scales is a little confusing for me, so I’m going to stick to the scale at weight watchers from now on to record my losses. I plan on posting new pictures this week and I want to focus on a couple of things this week
1) exercise 2) getting points from meals not snacks/juice 3) being more organized with preparing and planning meals (keeping the kitchen clean so I will want to cook)

We are having a staff meeting at work today which means I have to be there an hour early, but it also means we will have breakfast there too. I work with a healthy lot of people so I expect turkey sausage and some other sorts of good food. Its also very very cold today, weather.com says it feels like -4 right now and will feel about 0 at noon. So excited to walk in that…hmph.

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