Food for the 8th,9th and 10th

Hello again,
Here is my food entries from monday until now...its Thursday today around 10:30am and have yet to eat breakfast, but we'll get to that later...

1/8/2007 Monday
I had almonds in the morning about 1/4 a package-70 calories
then I have indian food (again!) from this place by work which really does not compare to taj mahal- I had the tandoori chicken lunch box (grilled chicken, vegetable curry, rice, naan, diet coke [i usually avoid diet drinks, it came with the meal, it was pretty gross either way]) -1,000 calories (approx.)
honey nut cheerios and skim milk for dinner-300 calories
total calories: 1,370

1/9/2007 Tuesday
Everything bagel w/ olivio- 400
4 slices of cheese pizza-1,000
total calories: 1,400

1/10/2007 Wednesday
Banana- 80 calories
Tandoori Lunch Box- (found a hair so stopped eating half way through- bleh) 600 calories
grilled cheese- (meunster, whole wheat bread, olivio)-400 calories
grilled potatoes- 350 calories
total: 1430

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good work keeping the calories down! now we have to get serious about exercise!

1:27 PM  

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