and again, in a good way

I havn't bee blogging, and I have felt quite guilty about it. I have been neglecting this blog and my other one for weeks now. How long has it been? Anyway, I'm happy to say that I wasn't away, off of the wagon-so to speak or diving into sweets, much to my dismay.
I did, join...dun dun dunnn
Weight Watchers yesterday!

After much consideration, I made the quick decision to just join and go. And thats what I did. That isnt to say I wasn't nervous and hesitant...I was. As I walked to my local weight watchers for the weigh-in and orientation I saw a larger man walking in the same direction, open the door and head in. I caught a quick glimpse in as I grabbed the handle and then let go as I found out that there were men there too! I hadn't considered this and decided to wait outside for the 10am meeting to start. I called my mom and as we chatted I told her that I couldn't believe how many men were there. I'm not talking one or two scattered (and the women did outnumber the men) but there were old men, young men, stout men, skinny men, fat men, and I was truly frightened and tried to picture myself confessing my food sins in front of a men. My mom thought it was great that men were there. I got over this and went in and I'm really glad that I did.

During the meeting I nervousl expressed my lack of exercise because I create obsticals for myself such as not cleaning. They suggested leaving the house for exercise which is a great idea. Sigh, if only my job would hire me, I would have a free gym membership. I anticipate they will, but when? So, anyway there are other things that I can do outside despite how cold it is. I can also talk to myself and just tell myself to shut up.

Everyone has self-dialogue to do and not do so many things. Exercise is a huge battle not only for larger people. I think its a battle worth fighting.
So, before I went I weighed myself here at 291.0 and then got there and weighed in at 297. I also had on more clothing. I will wear less next week.
The points are pretty easy, although time consuming, but I know it is the money and meetings that will keep me going. I feel myself wanting to be the best at this program, but this is called the honey moon period, huh?

After I finished all of my points, yesterday I counted all of the calories involved to reach yesterdays points and it was about 1,500-1,600 which isn't a lot. The points consider fat as well, and I had a hamburger with 30g of fat (yikes! turkey burgers for me!). Overall I belive that my 36 points adds up to approx. 1,800 calories, and then you get 35 flex points during the week to use at once or spread out. I like this because you can have birthday cake, or a nice dinner ...or whatever and not feel like you've "fallen off the wagon" which to me means a two week hiatus from good eating.
So I feel good, and I promise to stay updated with blogging which I truly love doing anyway, I just get lazy.

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