My diet and exercise overhaul

Current Daily Exercise:
Commuting to work. 10 flights of steps plus walking to and from train station. Not a lot, but enough to make me out of breath.

Before I moved to NYC I led a very sedentary life style. I would wake up go to work, sit all day, come home, sit some more and then go to bed. I would avoid many, if not all activities that required my body to move. You know the term “if you don’t use it, you lose it” can apply to our bodies. It worries me how sedentary I was and how much I really still am. I would exercise occasionally and then watching TV would win, but I’m starting to accept that moving your body and being active isn’t something that only a few people do or athletes do. I have found that while in the beginning I may not have energy for exercise that I can eventually push through that. The more energy you give the more you get. It’s a simple and effective philosophy. I really recommend the January 2007 issue of O magazine (Oprah) for realistic exercise advice. If you go from a completely sedentary lifestyle to exercising all the time you will burn out and possibly injure yourself. Start out slowly building muscle and getting your body used to extra movement and build over weeks.

I am currently physically able to do 45 minutes of cardio + weight training. I will use this blog to track my process and daily exercise regimen along with keeping a food diary.

Eat real food!
I will blog more about this tonight!

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