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Hello again!
I'm back from a small (much needed) internet break from this blog and my other one over at www.loveyoudeer.com. I needed time to sort through my ideas and content for both sites. Sometimes you need a little break. I feel like for this website to be a service to me and anyone else who comes across it the content needs to be updated on a daily basis and that is something I am committing to. Anyhow, eating has been fair, I do not over eat often anymore and my weight loss is slowing down. When I first moved to NY two months ago my weight was moving downward on a regular basis. Now I'm at a steady 291.0 and down from a size 26 to a 24. I weighed myself two days ago and I was at 291.0 and now I'm up to 296 which I can credit my approaching period for that. So I will do my start weight as 296.5.

This blog is about exercise based weight loss and the understanding of balanced eating. I feel like there is enough information on weight loss to confuse the most logical person.
I want to provide the best information possible and leave denial and comfort at the door. Being healthy isn't something you start doing to eventually stop when the stress of life takes over. Good health is apart of life and I honestly believe it doesn't have to be difficult or end with a gallon of ice cream and the hopes for a better Monday.
Let's get started:
My current Weight: 291.5 (edit) 296 (sigh)
Height: 5'4 (64 inches)
BMI: 50
Current Size: 24 (based on old navy)
I will do measurements this evening after work when I can locate the tape measure.
Exercise: Daily aerobic exercise with strength training
Choices: 8-minutes in the morning with Jorge Cruz and Tae Bo will Billy Blanks

I plan to have a gym membership in the very near future. Having access to a gym is very important and can be a good motivator for a lot of people especially those that have never had a membership. Some are more expensive than others, but occasionally gyms have special membership rates. I will address exercise in depth throughout this blog and very soon along with exercise obstacles and gym anxiety. I recently said "but, I can't afford a gym membership" and was told "you can't afford not to have a gym membership", which is interesting because I make myself afford clothes that I feel will make me look better and hide all the fat, but I never had made time to afford taking care of my health. Making your health a priority in the long run is more rewarding than finding that "perfect" plus size outfit. Trust me, I've looked and it doesn't exist.

As far as food goes… I have been a "dieter" for a while now. I did the Atkins, I did calorie restriction, I did anything that seemed crazy and quick. I picked up those magazines promising 40lb weight loss by the next holiday that was 3 weeks away. You name it…I tried it. There are people that successfully lose weight on diets only to gain it back eventually and continue doing the same diet and then gaining every time there after claiming "it works for me". I lost on Atkins, but it did not fit into my lifestyle permanently. It’s hard to remember that if you lost on a diet before and ended up gaining it all back that the diet did not work for you. There are so many diet philosophies in the world I am still learning a lot about proper diet and do not claim to be an expert. I believe that when you start eating differently you have to train yourself and change your habits a bit dramatically. I love Oprah and her magazine where she talks openly about her struggles with weight. When she first started losing weight with Bob Greene, she had a simple diet with structure along with a good exercise plan. Her diet cut out junk food and a lot of sugar and white foods (flour, rice etc). She kept up with it until her weight was gone and now she maintains her weight. In her January 2007 she said “I eat what I want, when I want, and sometimes I have dessert for dinner, because I am no longer an emotional eater”. Of course, we all know miss Winfrey has chefs, personal trainers and counselors helping her along the way, but she really shows that if you work on yourself you can change anything you need to. I believe that if you begin to heal yourself you will not need food for healing.

Its been said that is can take up to 4 weeks to change a habit. Could you imagine what would happen if you cut out junk food? I would imagine that your body would rejoice and your mouths could begin tasting and enjoy food again. If you look at food in the simplest of ways you start to understand something that is so simple, but often overlooked…the only purpose for food is to nourish and fuel your body. I’m not a fan of counting calories, or food diaries, but understand that they are important in the beginning. Weight loss is simple, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

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