Acting Classes

I have been thinking lately about addressing some of my comfort zones and fears I have that surround my weight. I know that my weight issues and social issues go hand in hand. When I was in WV I would be afraid to be seen taking an exercise walk. It was a strange fear of being seen and worrying what people would think if they saw me walking. I have unrealistic assumptions about what people think about me and can become somewhat outraged if I feel like someone is staring at me. These are things that I keep inside (or try to) for the most part. Living in NYC reveals a new set of fears and feelings of uncomfort. I commute to work in the trains with millions of other people. I feel sometimes in a selfish paranoia that all eyes are on me, regardless of the reality. There are few overweight people in NYC, especially in Manhattan. When I worked in WV most of the people I worked with had weight problems, no I'm usually the only one. I defiantly stick out and it’s not uncommon to find me sweaty on the train or walking down the street.
Anyway, I've had this unrelenting desire to be apart of something that will help me grow and feel apart of something. So I’ve decided to challenge myself by taking some acting classes. I’ve sent a couple of emails out about some intro classes for adults. So, I’m looking forward to trying this and will update when I start.

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