I got a Nintendo Wii Sunday night from Joshie as a Valentine's Gift! I love it!
We have been playing the Wii sports boxing for the last couple of nights and I can honestly say it is quite the work out. My arms are non-functioning and feel a lot like someone beat them with a hammer.
I went to weight watchers.com to see if there are activity points for 15 minutes of boxing and there are 4 (according to my weight) so thats pretty exciting.
Which has got me thinking about more fun exercises that I want to try. I thought about making a little routine with exercises that I don't mind.

This is what I came up with:

3 sets of 12 wall push-ups
3 sets of 12 leg lifts (the kind that work your stomach and legs, think gym class)
3 sets of 12 lunges
do the jorge cruise 8 minutes exercises
do at least 4 sets of boxing on the nintendo wii
and 20 minutes of high intensity dancing

Thats my little exercise goal for the rest of the week

PS: check out my food diary. I havent been doing horrible, nothing I want to mentally go crazy over, but I can do better. I ate all of my points (basically) in brakfast and lunch today...sooo I really need exercise points to even eat tonight. I know Josh is taking me out to dinner tomorrow, so I will use my flex points for that and eat light the rest of the day. Also, my family and friends are coming this saturday for a visit, so I want to use my points in moderation. I will really be cutting it close this week as far as points. So, the addition of groceries will be helpful and I can just aim to be better, eh? My weight goal is 2 lbs this week which will be 286 on the WW scale. I'm rambling :)


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Blogger The EYE said...

hi there! thanks for stopping by my weight loss blog... ive added your rss feed to my list of daily stops, so ill be around.

i had a rather difficult day yesterday (2/13) as well, ate a bit too much a bit too early. hope the rest of your day worked out well for you. good luck today, and happy valentines day! hope your dinner out is tasty (and something that wont leave you feeling guilty... that would defeat the purpose)

9:01 AM  

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